Executive Positions

 First years and up | Due: Rolling applications

  • Introduce our members to the best faculty and industry professionals in Toronto, and kindle the next great idea! Execute eye-opening conferences, expos, and fireside chats about the latest advancements in neurotech, neurotech ethics, and more.
  • Nice skills to have: Creativity, punctuality, attention to detail, inclusivity, kindness, understanding of basic business and marketing concepts
  • Hours per week: 3-5 hours
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  • Keep our branding stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and friendly :D Maintain and improve our branding assets, and provide artistic direction for our marketing material.
  • Nice skills to have: Illustrator, InDesign
  • Hours per week: 3 hours
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  • Help us create a welcoming online undergrad neurotech community, and create innovative on-ground and social media outreach campaigns!
  • Nice skills to have: Understanding of community building, PR, social media, etc; strong time management skills
  • Hours per week: 2 hours
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  • Capture our best moments and memories through vlogs! Shoot, edit, and compile short vlogs about our journey in exploring mind-controlled tech for our Facebook page and our YouTube channel!
  • Nice skills to have: Premiere Pro + After Effects/ equivalent; experience taking videos
  • Hours per week: 4—5 hours
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  • Understand NeurotechUofT's goals, and recruit the talent needed to achieve them! Help interested and committed members achieve their goals by matching them to exec and project positions they will be interested in. Conduct behavioural interviews for exec and admin positions.
  • Nice skills to have: Attention to detail, understanding people, creativity, understanding of leadership.
  • Hours per week: 4—8 hours
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  • Create a positive and supportive environment for the whole NeurotechUofT Team to collaborate and innovate. Guide newcomers to the right resources and help them learn the basics of Neurotechnology. And of course, make plenty of cool friends along the way!
  • Nice skills to have: Willingness to learn, Strong communication, Team and time management skills, Teaching experience
  • Hours per week: 3-5 hours
  • Potential Demographics: Art/Sci, CS, Engineering
  • Urgent!
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Development of a two-coures series aimed at helping people with no experience to learn BCI develpment.

Topics: machine learning, neuroscience, physiology, software development, cognitive sciences, psychology, analog electronics

  • Lead the design and execution of workshops helping beginners learn both basic and advanced brain computer interface development
    • Lead the design of workshops curriculum with consultation of tech leads
    • Lead the creation and improvement of workshops
    • Lead execution of workshop series
  • Required skills: Completed at least 2nd year of one of the disciplines mentionede
  • Nice skills to have: Prior experience with workshop delivery / teaching, Prior experience with BCI
  • Hours per week: 6—8 hours
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  • Help design subject-specific content for workshops helping beginners learn the basics of brain computer interface development (ie if your expertise is in neuroscience, you will help design neuroscience workshops)
  • Help facilitate workshops through delivering lessons and providing guidance and mentorship to participants
  • Required Skills: Completed at least 2nd year of one of the disciplines mentioned
  • Nice skills to have: Prior experience with workshop delivery / teaching
  • Hours per week: 4—5 hours
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Advanced Project Positions

 Due: Rolling applications

  • Not sure, But want to get involved in general? No worries, apply anyways! We'll help you figure out what you want to get out of your experience at NeurotechUofT, and help you get there!
  • Nice skills to have: You're willing to give it your best and learn new things!
  • Hours per week: 4-7 hours
  • To Learn More about our projects:Join Us at our 'Hackternoons' Events
  • To begin working with our projects:Apply

Frontend Team

The Frontend team is currently working on Braintag: A tool for neuroscience researchers collecting EEG data and Mindtype: A mind-controlled keyboard

  • Be a member of the frontend development team, creating porjects by:
    • Delivering small & well-understood tasks on a regular (1-2 weeks) basis
    • Work closely with other developers (on design or implementations)
    • Participate in code reviews
  • Required Skills: 
    • Git
    • ReactJs (or React Native)
    • Javascript (ES6+)
  • Nice skills to have: 
    • Redux
    • Typescript
  • Hours per week: 4-6 hours

Hardware Team

The Hardware Team is Currently working on a Headset: An easy-to-use, modular and comfortable EEG headset and Biosignals: an ultra-low noise biosignals acquisition board

  • Design, fabricate, and test the chassis for a comfortable, easy-to-use EEG headset with UX Designer.
    • Design CAD models of modular parts for an EEG headset with
    • Conduct stress analysis of modular parts to reduce force load on head
    • 3D-print parts for headset
  • Required Skills: Prior experience with CAD software, 3D printing
    • Nice skills to have: 
      • Has taken core MechEng courses
      • Prior experience in designing modular parts
    • Hours per week: 4-5 hours
    • Create electrode setup for EEG headset, focusing on signal quality and comfort.
      • Record data of experiments and select proper settings to reduce noise in the signal
      • Conduct FFT on raw EEG signals
      • Design signal filters either on software or hardware
    • Required Skills: 
      • Prior programming experience
      • Knowledge of Fourier transform, signal processing filters

    • Nice skills to have: 
      • Has taken core Electrical Engineering courses
      • Taken any DSP or signal processing courses
      • Being able to program microcontrollers for signal processings
    • Hours per week: 4-5 hours
    • Use iterative design to create a comfortable, easy to use EEG headset for research.
      • Work with CAD Designer to design comfortable headset
      • Conduct experiments to analyze usabiity of headset
    • Nice skills to have: 
      • Has taken a course on human factors (ie CSCS318, MIE240, etc)
    • Hours per week: 4-5 hours
    • Work with one other programmer to design and program the ADS1299-Raspberry Pi interface. Responsible for coding the main loop on a Raspberry Pi to control and acquire data from an ADS1299 ADC chip through SPI and send it to a GUI for visualization.
      • Work with CAD Designer to design comfortable headset
      • Proficient in C/C++
      • Experience developing in a Linux environment
      • Experience programming low-level computer hardware and/or embedded systems (ie ECE342 Computer Hardware)
      • Knowledgeable in operating systems (ECE344, CSC369, etc)
    • Nice skills to have: 
      • If you're more software oriented: multithreading, interfacing different programming languages (ie C, Python)
      • If you're more hardware oriented: scripting experience (make, bash, perl)
      • Previous experience with Arduino / Raspberry Pi
    • Hours per week: 6-7hours
    • Help create the hardware schematics and layout for the PCB used to interface the ADS1299 chip with electrodes and connections to the Raspberry Pi. Responsible for housing the ADS1299 chip for low noise embedded applications and testing for signal filtering.
      • Past experience with PCB design software (Altium, DesignSpark, EAGLE, AutoDesk)
      • Knowledgeable with PCB manufacturing techniques
      • Past experience soldering and testing low noise embedded circuits
      • Taken or is taking courses for analog and digital electronics
    • Nice skills to have: 
      • Previous experience working with Arduino’s or Raspberry Pi’s
      • Taken signal analysis courses and familiar with filtering
    • Hours per week: 6-7hours