Driving NeuroTech Innovation at The University of Toronto

Current Projects


A mind-controlled keyboard! Current mind-controlled keyboards require multiple operations to select a character. We propose the usage of an imagined sign language to select characters. This way, characters can be selected in one operation, making mind-typing much faster for people with neuromuscular degeneration


A mind-controlled quidditch robot! This project proves the interdisciplinary nature of neurotechnology, and consists of concepts from electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and neuroscience. This will be our submission of Part 2 of the NeuroTechX Student Competition.


Our own EEG headset! We're trying to make a headset for the OpenBCI board that is comfortale for wearers and easy to use for researchers with good signal quality.


An open-source real-time EEG processing service on the cloud! The goal is to develop a tool that allows users to easily create neurotech applications, by taking and processing data from EEG headsets.


Our Partners